Why visit the Azores?

Mother Nature has created a land full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: the Azores. To the East, on the island of Santa Maria, the beaches of warm white sand are inviting, and the vineyards covering the slopes like an amphitheatre resemble giant staircases.

What is the largest city in the Azores?

Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel Island, is the largest city in the Azores. Angra do Heroísmo, on Terceira Island, is UNESCO World Heritage. According to the 2019 Census, population in the Azores was 242,796. [1]

Why book Your all-inclusive holiday to the Azores with US?

Book your all-inclusive holiday to the Azores with pricing optimized for North America departures. The Azores islands are consistently ranked as one of the best, most sustainable, and most affordable island travel destinations in Europe.

What is the climate in the Azores?

If measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic, the Azores are among the tallest mountains on the planet. The climate of the Azores is very mild for such a northerly location, being influenced by its distance from the continents and by the passing Gulf Stream.

Which Islands to visit in 2 weeks in the Azores?

2 weeks is the perfect time to visit São Miguel as well as the three triangle islands – Faial, Pico and São Jorge. SATA Air Açores has frequent flights from São Miguel to any of these islands and once you’re there, it’s fairly easy and cheap to travel between them by ferry.

Why book Azores vacation packages on TripAdvisor?

Whether youre off for a romantic vacation, family trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, Azores vacation packages on Tripadvisor make planning your trip simple and affordable. Find the perfect vacation package for Azores on Tripadvisor by comparing Azores hotel and flight prices.

What are active Azores holidays packages?

Azores islands active Holidays packages offer a variety of packages including hiking, canyoning, whale-watching, biking and more. North America - Azores Getaways (airfare included) offer itineraries set up to take advantage of flights departing from select cities.

How do I get to the Azores from the UK?

Many flights from the UK to the islands of the Azores will connect in mainland Europe; often in Portugal. However, Ryanair do offer a direct flight from Manchester Airport to Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel island.

Why choose Azores multi-island tour packages?

Azores multi-island tour packages designed to optimize multi-island touring and sightseeing. Azores self-drive packages allow you to explore the Azores on your own.

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