Bbc news ukraine

bbc news ukraine

Will Ukraine survive Russias invasion?

This couple in Kyiv tells the BBC they are confident that Ukraine will survive Russias invasion. Meanwhile, the UN says more than 1.5m people have now fled Ukraine since Russia invaded on 24 February. Several US presidents have failed to get the measure of him but now Europe has joined the fray things may change.

Whats happening in Ukraine?

After Ukraines air defences and other military infrastructure came under attack on Thursday, columns of tanks have moved rapidly into position, backed up by artillery and air power. Among the initial targets were Kyiv, Karkhiv, Odesa and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Where are the Russian missile strikes in Ukraine?

Ukrainian officials also reported Russian missile strikes on parts of Kharkiv, in the north, Mykolaiv in the south and Kryvyi Rih, a southern city north-east of Mykolaiv.

What is Russia building up off the Ukrainian coast?

In recent days, Russia had positioned landing ships capable of deploying main battle tanks, armoured vehicles and personnel, off the Ukrainian coast in a major build-up in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Did a Ukrainian missile strike hit a Russian city?

NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! A Ukrainian missile strike hit a residential area in the city of Belgorod, allegedly killing three people and damaging more than a dozen buildings, Russian authorities claimed Sunday. Belgorod is a Russian city less than 50 miles from the Ukrainian border.

What is the Mykolaiv missile attack?

In the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, Vitaliy Kim, the local mayor, said a Russian missile strike had killed at least three people when it hit a residential building. Moscow admitted to the strike on the city but said its forces had hit what it called a training base for “foreign mercenaries” in the region.

What is the Russian military trying to do in Ukraine?

“The Russian military is trying to strike munitions depots, weapon repair factories and troop training facilities,” he said. On Thursday Ukrainian forces pushed Russian forces from Snake Island, a strategically important Black Sea island off the southern coast near Odesa.

How many people were killed by Russian rocket in Ukraine?

Ukrainian rescue teams are combing through the rubble of an apartment building in eastern Ukraine searching for two dozen people, including a child, feared trapped after a Russian rocket strike killed 15 people.

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