Obidos portugal

obidos portugal

What is Obidos in Portugal?

Obidos, Portugal is a quaint village on a hillside. The city is a walled village, built at the time when war with the Moors & Spain were common. To this day, 300 people still live within the walls of Obidos.

Where can I find media related to Óbidos?

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Óbidos. The International Festival of Chocolate, Óbidos, Portugal - Official website (in Portuguese) with basic information (dates, times, ticket prices) clearly shown. GoObidos - Oficial Obidos turistic Guide (Portugal) - Official Obidos Tourist Guide.

What to do in Óbidos?

The area of the town of Óbidos is located on a hilltop, encircled by a fortified wall. Óbidos remains a well-preserved example of medieval architecture; its streets, squares, walls and its castle are a popular tourist destination. The castle now houses a pousada.

How many people live in the town of Óbidos?

The town proper has approximately 3100 inhabitants. The municipality population in 2011 was 11,772, in an area of 141.55 square kilometres (54.65 square miles). The castle and wall of Óbidos, view from the west.

What is Obidos known for?

It’s also conveniently located just one hour north of Lisbon, making it an easy day trip. It’s known as “The Wedding Present Town” - King Dinis and Queen Isabel spent their honeymoon in Obidos in 1282, and the king ended up giving her the entire town as a wedding gift.

What is the Castelo de Óbidos?

The Castelo de Óbidos is a delightful medieval castle that perches upon a rocky outcrop at the highest point of Obidos. The castle has always had a close connection to the Queen of Portugal, and was traditionally the dowry gift to the Queen, a tradition that began with Queen Santa Isabel 1282.

Why is Óbidos called the town of the Queens?

Since then, Óbidos has often been patronized by the Queens of Portugal, giving rise to its informal title as Vila das Rainhas (English: town of the Queens ); several royal consorts enriched the village with donations from the Middle Ages until the 16th century. The castle and walls of Óbidos were remodelled during the reign of King Dinis I.

Is Obidos Portugal worth visiting?

Only an hour away from Lisbon, Obidos can be experienced on a comfortable day trip. The downside of this is that your experience will likely be tainted by a crowd of noisy day-trippers who come into the town around late morning and stay till about evening.

How to spend a day in Óbidos?

A trip to this quiet lagoon is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind in Óbidos. You can go for a swim in the calm blue waters and go paddleboarding or hang out and have a picnic on the white sand. There’s also a variety of restaurants and cafes in the area.

What to do in Óbidos Portugal?

Not far from the town of Óbidos is Óbidos Lagoon, the largest saltwater lagoon in Portugal. It’s a good place to try your hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing, and there are also some lovely beaches around the town of Foz do Arelho. Despite its natural beauty, this area is still largely undeveloped and is frequented mostly by local tourists.

Can you walk the walls of Castillo de Óbidos?

But you can access the battlements and walk the perimeter of the walls that defend Óbidos. This is an experience not to be missed, particularly on the west wall, where the vistas of the town, castle and the countryside of vineyards and orchards are sensational.

What is the history of Óbidos in Spain?

The southern gate to Óbidos contains a small Baroque chapel. The roots of this building descend to 1246 as a small oratory was founded at this spot. This was placed here after the town repelled a siege by the forces of Sancho II against his own brother, Afonso III.

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