What is an apostrophe (a-POS-TRO-fee)?

The apostrophe (a-POS-tro-fee) is a single vertical mark (‘) or (’). Learn useful apostrophe rules with example sentences and infographic to help you use this punctuation mark correctly. What is an apostrophe? What is an apostrophe? The symbol (‘) or (’) is called an apostrophe in the English language.

Are you unable to use the apostrophe correctly in the UK?

A 2008 survey found that nearly half of the UK adults polled were unable to use the apostrophe correctly. Apostrophes used in a non-standard manner to form noun plurals are known as greengrocers apostrophes or grocers apostrophes, often written as greengrocers apostrophes or grocers apostrophes.

When do you put an apostrophe after the s?

Apostrophe + s to show possession. When we show who owns something or has a close relationship with something, we use an apostrophe + s after the name or the noun. When the noun is plural, we put the apostrophe after the s:

What is apostroful?

Apostroful (’ ) este semnul grafic care marchează căderea accidentală a unor sunete de la începutul, de la mijlocul sau de la sfârșitul unui cuvânt, „neața!”, „saltare!”, „deodatapare”, „trăiți!” și altele.

When to use apostrophe s in a sentence?

When Do You Use Apostrophe S? 1 Possessive Nouns. If you have a noun, such as “ball,” “Fred,” or “liberty,” you’ll need an apostrophe S to show possession. 2 Plural Possessives. For plural possessive nouns ending in S, simply add an apostrophe to the end of the word. ... 3 Compound Ownership. ... 4 Contractions. ... 5 Plural Nouns. ...

How do you add apostrophe to the end of a noun?

Add apostrophe + s to the end of the noun: 1 The dog’s toy was behind the couch. 2 The boss’s dog made a mess. 3 A week’s worth.

Do you put an apostrophe before or after a second name?

If two people possess the same thing and you are showing this within the sentence, then you place the apostrophe before the ‘s’ on the second name. “Tom and Mary’s condo” or “Tom and Mary’s happiness.”

When do you put an apostrophe in a contraction?

Anytime you write a contraction, you should replace omitted letters with an apostrophe. In some cases, such as when you contract the words “us” and “is,” you’ll be left with an apostrophe S . Generally, when you make a singular noun into a plural, there’s no apostrophe involved.

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