Decathlon portugal

decathlon portugal

What is decathlon known for?

The retailer stocks a wide range of sporting goods, from tennis rackets to advanced scuba diving equipment, usually in large, big-box superstores averaging 4,000m 2 in size. Decathlon Group markets its products under more than 20 brands.

Where can I buy Decathlon products in India?

In India, Decathlon products may be purchased directly through their stores, subsequent to change in Indias FDI policy and approval for Decathlon in February 2013. In addition to this, Decathlon products are also available online through their online resellers.

What is decathlons returns policy?

At Decathlon weve been firm believers in the benefits of sports since 1976. We offer free shipping on all online orders that customer pick up from our stores. All our products come with a 365 days returns policy. Shipping across Lithuania for all our products!

How many stores does decathlon have in 2020?

With over 1697 stores in 60 countries and regions (2020), it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. The company manages the research, design, production, logistics and distribution of its products in house; partners with global suppliers; and markets their own brands directly to consumers in Decathlon-branded big-box stores .

What is the decathlon?

The decathlon is a 10-event spectacle featuring the pole vault, high jump, long jump, javelin, shot put, discus, 110-meter hurdles, 100-meter dash, 400-meter run, and — wait for it — a 1500-meter run.

What are the 10 events in the decathlon?

The ten events that make up the decathlon are spread over two days and include the 100-meter sprint, long jump, shot put, high jump and 400-meter run on the first day, followed by the 110-meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw and 1500-meter run on the second day.

How many Decathlon stores are there?

Decathlon S.A. ( French pronunciation: ​ [dekatlɔ̃]) is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1647 stores in nearly 1000 cities in 57 countries and regions (Jan 2020), it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world.

Why decathlon is the best place to buy sports clothes?

So you need not travel to the other end of the city just for sports shopping anymore. They provide a wide range of products aiming at beginners and experts of all sports, available exclusively at the Decathlon stores. It is not just a sports clothing outlet, but an outlet to purchase sports gear and equipment as well.

How do I return an item to decathlon?

Order a replacement item online, then follow the “How to return by mail” instructions to return your original item. Write the order number of your replacement purchase on your return packing slip and indicate that this is for an exchange. Return your item to a Decathlon store, get a temporary store credit and purchase a replacement in store.

What is Decathlon’s policy on PayPal refunds?

All online orders using PayPal will be refunded to the original PayPal account when returned by mail only. Decathlon stores are unable to credit PayPal accounts and will request a refund for you (expect a little extra delay for us to process the request).

What is the warranty on Decathlon products?

On most products of Decathlon sold online, you can enjoy a 2 year warranty while some products may offer a 5 to 10 year warranty as well The warranty holds good for products that are used within the prescribed norms. Those that are not eligible for a warranty are:

What is the return and exchange policy for clearance items?

The return and exchange policy applies to all online and in-store purchases as well as clearance items with the exception of the products mentioned here. Exchanges can only be made in-store. A product may be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of its purchase date. If the purchase is saved in your member account, the period will be 60 days.

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