Cinto pinko

cinto pinko

What is Pinko fashion?

From chiffon maxi dresses and embellished mini dresses, through to more casual items including textured bomber jackets, fine knit jumpers and silk satin tops, PINKO is at the forefront of statement-making, accessible fashion.

Why do I need to enter an email address with Pinko?

surname email By entering your email address, you consent to receive the PINKO newsletters concerning the latest collections, events in your town and initiatives just for you.

Where can I find Pinko’s privacy policy?

For more information, consult our full privacy policy, which in any case is always available and attainable on the website. submit

How to enjoy the festive season with Pinko?

Enjoy the magic of the festive period with PINKO: play through our app and discover special surprises each day to make you feel irresistible and unstoppable. The clean, linear aesthetic of Eleonora Carisi meets the unique and explosive creativity of PINKO: find out how this new, super-feminine capsule collection was born.

Is pinko a fashion brand?

Pinko (fashion) Pinko is an Italian womens fashion brand. It was founded in the early 1980s by Pietro Negra, the current CEO, and his wife Cristina Rubini. As of 2016, they have over 500 retail outlets worldwide. Designers who have created collections for Pinko include Mark Fast, Alessandra Facchinetti, and Marina Spadafora.

What makes Pinko so special?

The words sum up the brand’s philosophy. Gold is synonymous with luxury, class and elegance, all hallmarks of Pinko’s creations. One of the youngest Italian fashion houses, Pinko has succeeded in becoming an ambassador of made-in-Italy excellence in less than 40 years.

What is a pinko bag?

The Pinko Bag has become a must-have for women of all ages: these colored soft cotton bags with sequins spelling out the “Pinko Bag” logo are suitable for every casual occasion and seen in the wardrobes of women around the world.

Whats in the new level on the pinko app?

Play the new level on our app and discover the new special surprise in store for you: feel irresistible and unstoppable at all times! Festival Fever: an open-air concert with Theia, two Italian musicians, for the new chapter of PINKO for Fearless Beauty.

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