Bpi empresas login

bpi empresas login

How to contact BPI net Empresas?

BPI Net Empresas Multi bank channel More Information How to join Acesso Open an Account BPI Direto 707 020 500 +351 21 720 78 78 BPI in Portugal Other BPI Contacts

What is the BPI Empresas app?

The BPI Empresas App is an application designed for companies, providing a set of functionalities for the daily management of your business. With the BPI Empresas App, users with Authorizer status defined in BPI Net Empresas have access to:

Why choose Banco BPI an account?

An account with Banco BPI is the first step into a complete and competitive offer of banking products and services. Look into the accounts that BPI has for you. Everything you need for the management of your day-to-day life.

Why do I need a personal coordinates card for BPI net?

This means that the Client signed up to BPI Net Empresas (Parent Company) is able to have access to accounts of subsidiaries, which they do not own, using only an Access and a Personal Coordinates Card.

How to open a bank account in BPI?

Open an account in BPI. Opening a bank account at BPI is simple and very fast. Just bring your Citizen Card and a Due Date Receipt and some data is filled in automatically. If you do not have your Citizen Card PIN, you must bring proof of address. Then just fill in the missing information, sign and youre done!

How much does it cost to use BPI Premier account?

Access to a range of services by payment of a monthly management fee of € 7,99 (+ stamp duty), reduced to € 4,50 (+ stamp duty) if you use BPI Premier Account for automatic direct deposit of your wages/pension 2 (Sight Account) 1 >= € 2.500 or NUC Patrimony 2 >= € 60.000: 2 BPI Electron Debit Cards (different cad holders), without anuual fee;

Why have I been charged fees in my BPI base account?

If you use and contract products and services not included in the BPI Base Account, including means of carrying out transactions in this account such as cheques or additional cards, you will be charged the corresponding fees in force at any time, as per Banco BPIs price list.

Can I transfer money from BDO to BPI online?

You actually do not need to enroll your BDO account anymore to BPI Online because you can conveniently transfer funds using InstaPay or PesoNet from your BPI account. You just need to have the account name and account number of the destination BDO account to be able to send funds.

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