International parcel service o que é

international parcel service o que é

Why send my international parcel with Parcel2Go?

Send your international parcel with confidence with Parcel2Go. All of our global shipping services offer the benefit of an online parcel tracking service for added peace of mind when you send.

What is the difference between parcelcompare and international postage?

ParcelCompare services are cheaper and faster than international postage. As opposed to postage, all our international delivery services offer sign-for delivery, and real-time parcel tracking from door-to-door.

Do you offer cheap international parcel delivery?

We now offer cheap international parcel delivery from UK locations to over 200 different countries and an extensive range of worldwide parcel services. With our expert global parcel tracking system, once you have booked your parcel delivery, you will be able to track your parcel wherever it travels throughout the world.

What is parcel compare and how does it work?

So if you’re sending parcels abroad and prefer shipping with DHL Express, UPS or TNT, ParcelCompare ’s online price comparison service, enables you to compare the best prices and services available. I happened upon Parcel Compare on Google, it saved me hours of scrolling through multiple sites to get prices etc.

What is your experience with Parcel2Go?

When issue raised through resolver parcel2go miraculously found parcel and delivered it, however that was a lie according to the recipient who was in all day when it was allegedly delivered. No response from parcel2go after my complains so zero customer service. If you want a reliable parcel delivery service DO NOT use parcel2go.

Is Parcel2Go responsible for any customs charges? cannot be held responsible for any charges that customs enforce on a parcel. How long will my parcel be held in customs?

How long does parcels2go take to deliver to Italy?

“ Terrible service from Parcels2Go. Our small parcel to Italy took 40 days to arrive exceeding the original delivery date by 2 weeks. It makes one wonder what this company does with its parcels to manage an average speed of 40 miles per day.

Can ups return a parcel to Parcel2Go?

Following many contacts with UPS and Parcel2Go, I was then told that UPS could not return my parcel to my address and that it had to go back to the sender (Parcel2Go warehouse). I was then given numerous assurances by Parcel2Go that my parcel, regardless of its state would then be returned to my address.

How do you offer such cheap international shipping rates?

All you need to do is provide us with the size and weight of your box, plus the shipping destination and we’ll help you find the cheapest price. How do we offer such cheap international shipping rates? It’s quite simple really, it’s all down to the number of parcel delivery services we book with our courier partners.

Do you offer international parcel delivery services?

We offer international parcel delivery services to almost every destination around the world, from major cities in Europe , North America and Asia to remote islands in the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Is it cheaper to send a parcel by courier?

Most courier services do work out cheaper, though parcel delivery prices vary considerably depending on the size and weight of what youre sending. Both methods offer international parcel delivery to 220 countries, shipping your packages everywhere from the Canary Islands to the Czech Republic.

How to find a low-cost parcel delivery service?

Use Eurosender to find yourself a low-cost parcel delivery service in a matter of seconds! Our platform combines the quotes of multiple local and global courier companies to give you instant access to the best providers at the lowest shipping prices. Use the tool below to discover what is the cheapest shipping solution for your route.

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