Suzuki s cross

suzuki s cross

Is the Suzuki s-cross a pretty crossover?

It ain’t pretty, but which crossover is? Rivals like the Peugeot 3008 and Hyundai Tucson have proved a bit of aesthetic bravado can go far in such a crowded segment. The latest S-Cross isn’t quite in their league, but for once it might warrant a second glance as you stroll past. In the words of Suzuki itself, the car now looks right.

Why buy a Suzuki SX4 S-Cross?

The roof rails unite sharp looks and aerodynamic smoothness. The SX4 S-CROSS is always a gripping ride. Challenge an all-surfaces, all-weather, all-purposes performer powered by the legendary Suzuki SUV-genes. Feel the confidence engendered by effortless driving pleasure.

What engine does the s-cross have?

The S-CROSS is powered by a torque-full 1.4-litre, BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine. The intercooled turbocharger forces pressurised air into the cylinders, maximising torque at low rpm.

How long do Suzuki’s crossovers last?

But lasting over eight years on sale – longer than the usual five- or six-year lifespan typical across the industry – it clearly did a solid job for Suzuki. Nevertheless, the new one is here and looks more beguiling. It ain’t pretty, but which crossover is?

Is the Suzuki s-cross a mid-sized SUV?

The Suzuki S-Cross is a mid-sized SUV/crossover that sits above the slightly smaller Vitara in the Suzuki family. It is currently the largest model in the range, although a larger SUV called the Across is due to arrive in 2021. Launched back in 2013, when it was known as the SX4 S-Cross, it received a major mid-life facelift in late 2016.

When did the Suzuki s-cross come out?

The Suzuki S-Cross was a mid-sized SUV/crossover that sat above the slightly smaller Vitara in the Suzuki family. This model was produced from 2013 to 2021, after which it was replaced by an all-new model. Originally known as the SX4 S-Cross when it was first launched, it received a major mid-life facelift in late 2016.

What kind of car is a s-cross?

Distinctive small car, with strong SUV styling; it’s compact, light and efficient, but has big personality and an adventurous spirit. †Offer applies to UK private retail customers purchasing and registering a new S-Cross from participating Dealers between 1 December 2021 and 31 March 2022.

Is the Suzuki s-cross boot any good?

The boot is a decent size, and it’s a practical square shape. What’s more, because it has a removable floor that can be set at two different heights, you get a level surface when you fold the back seats down. Suzuki typically has a simple, three-tier model structure and the S-Cross is no different.

What is the diesel engine capacity of Maruti Suzuki s-cross?

The Diesel engine is 1248 cc. It is available with the Manual transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the S-Cross has a mileage of 25.1 kmpl. The S-Cross is a 5 seater SUV and has a length of 4300mm, width of 1785mm and a wheelbase of 2600mm.

What kind of engine does Nexa s-cross have?

From the powerful K15 petrol engine with the Next-Gen Smart Hybrid technology in the automatic and manual transmission, S-CROSS is designed to offer unmatched performance complemented by greater fuel efficiency and enhanced safety. What is the maximum power produced by NEXA S-CROSS petrol engine?

What kind of engine does a Toyota T-Cross have?

A 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine is the most popular option, with outputs of either 94 or 108bhp. While the latter is essentially the engine from the Volkswagen up! GTI, the T-Cross doesn’t provide mini-hot hatch performance.

Which is the smallest petrol engine in the Suzuki s-cross?

The smallest petrol engine for the S-Cross is a 110bhp 1. 0-litre Boosterjet, which replaces the previous naturally-aspirated 1. 6. It’s an engine we’ve tested before in the Suzuki Swift supermini and we reckon its the pick of the S-Cross range.

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