Timberland pro

timberland pro

What is Timberland Pro?

Meet the reinvented Timberland PRO, a workwear collection packed with mobility tech. Get to know the high spec technology in our safety clothing, like the Independent Suspension Network ™ for adapting work boots to different surfaces, or our Wickwork ™ Technology that keeps you drier while you work.

What are the safety standards for Timberland Pro products?

HEAVY DUTY Workwear that works as hard as you do. Timberland PRO offers a wide range of products that meet the minumun safety standards set by the international Organization for Standardization (ISO).The current standard for Safety Footwear across Europe (EN) is EN ISO 20345:2011. DOWNLOAD FULL TECH SHEETS & PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS

Are Timberland boots good for everyday wear?

Classic Timberland boots, though many are waterproof and feature insulation and traction that could be useful in some professional scenarios, are designed for everyday wear. We’ll dive into the differences between our traditional boots and Timberland PRO® collection, and how we ended up with two dedicated product lines.

Which is better Timberland or Timberland Pro?

Although Timberland incorporates comfort into all of their boots, Timberland Pro is the better option when it comes to comfort for all day standing. Both boots use slightly different technologies for foot support.

How did timberland get started?

Hard work, innovation, and a love of the great outdoors are all big parts of the Timberland story. They have been since the very beginning. It all started in 1952 when our founder, Nathan Swartz, bought a half-interest in the Abington Shoe Company.

Who is the new creative director of timberland?

2019: British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn is named Global Creative Director for Timberland, bringing with him a philosophy of REMADE, REDUCED, RECYCLED product creation. We believe in the power of thriving communities to accelerate global change with one unified, passionate voice.

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