Festas agueda 2022

festas agueda 2022

What is the Calendário for 2022?

2022 é um ano convencional, com 365 dias do Calendário Gregoriano. Calendários 2022 Feriados 2022 Datas Comemorativas 2022 Calendário Lunar de 2020 Calendário Lunar de 2021 Lua de Hoje

Where is Câmara Municipal de Águeda?

Câmara Municipal de Águeda Praça do Município 3754-500 Águeda Aveiro, Portugal App Agitágueda Download our app Câmara Municipal Águeda © 2019 - Todos os Direitos Reservados

What is agitágueda art festival?

“AgitÁgueda Art Festival” is an initiative of the Municipality of Águeda held annually for 23 days of July, with free admission, offering residents and all visitors a diverse cultural program.

When is the best time of year to visit Agueda?

The best time of year to get to know the small Portuguese town of Águeda is during the music and arts festival AgitÁgueda, a celebration of local pride that residents and tourists alike can appreciate.

What is the calendar 2022 and how to use it?

This calendar is very useful when you are looking for a specific date (holiday or vacation for example). Also every week number for every day is displayed for the year 2022. Its also possible to find out for a particular date in 2022 which week day is belonging to that date. View the Calendar 2022 below.

Is the year 2022 a leap year?

The year 2022 is not a leap year. It has 52 weeks and starts on Saturday, January 1st 2022. The Year 2022 ends on Saturday, December 31st 2022. This Page shows a calendar with calendar week numbers.

What file formats are available for the calendar 2022?

The available file formats are PDF (Adobe Reader PDF) and JPG (Figure). Download the Calendar 2022 with holidays. (Landscape format - 1 Page) Download the Calendar 2022 with holidays. (Portrait format - 1 Page) Download the Calendar 2022 without holidays. (Landscape format - 1 Page) Download the Calendar 2022 without holidays.

What are the numbers for week 52 of 2022?

Week Numbers for 2022 Week number From Date To Date Week 52, 2021 December 27, 2021 January 2, 2022 Week 01 January 3, 2022 January 9, 2022 Week 02 January 10, 2022 January 16, 2022 Week 03 January 17, 2022 January 23, 2022 46 more rows ...

What is the agitágueda Festival?

Every year in July, the Agitágueda Festival brings a lot of colour and animation to this city in the heart of Portugal. This event, held in the city centre along the river, is world renowned for the originality of the Umbrella Sky Project, where over 3000 colourful umbrellas covered four of its main streets in an event of great visual impact.

What makes agitágueda so special?

Though AgitÁgueda held its first opening in 2006, the Umbrella Sky Project, the most recognized highlight of the festival to date, didn’t appear until 2012. Over 3,000 umbrellas float pseudo-magically over different city streets, alleyways, as well as inside the central arena of the festival downtown.

What is the purpose of the Festival d’Arte?

Thefestival’s mission is rooted not only on presenting established artists but also on the promotion of new musical projects while organising “Talentos AgitÁgueda”, a competition aimed at promoting the participation of new national artistic projects. KNOW MORE Highlights Concerts AfterHours

How many people take part in agitágueda?

Over the course of 23 days, the heart of Águeda hosts more than 3,000 participants a day during AgitÁgueda—both local and otherwise.

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