Agv k6

agv k6

What is the AGV K6 suitable for?

The AGV K6 is suitable for every type of riding and all riding surfaces, it incorporates the best characteristics from the sport and touring worlds and is ideal for taking on any two-wheeled challenge, from leaning into the turns on winding roads to long-range touring rides, by way of everyday city rides and motorcycle commutes.

How do I replace the sun visor on the AGV K6?

Removal and replacement is a doddle and requires no tools. The AGV K6 does not have a sun visor, though the main visor can be easily exchanged. The visor supplied is of Optic Class 1, which has the least amount of distortion. AGV states it has a 190 ° horizontal field of vision (FOV).

How many sizes does the K6 helmet come in?

The K6 comes in six sizes, from XS to XL, with four different shell sizes ensuring those with small heads don’t have to put up with oversized helmets. The vents and sliders are unobtrusive, and the soft feel trim around the base is good quality without gaps or splits.

How much does the AGV K6 helmet weigh?

And it might not be quite as light weight as AGV initially imply – unless you’re wearing the smallest shell size where it’s closer to the 2.75lbs figure AGV states (otherwise it’ll be more likely around 3.1lbs). But overall, the AGV K6 is an innovative and impressive sports touring helmet that achieves most if not all of what AGV set out to create.

Why choose a K6 helmet?

K6 provides the security riders need to fully express themselves in any situation, thanks to its world championship level protection. The premium carbon-aramid fiber shell and five EPS densities offer the same protection that professional MotoGP™ riders are guaranteed. The protective capacity is 48% higher than that required by legislation.

What does a Mk 6 helmet look like?

A Mk 6 helmet, displaying the ballistic nylon surface without camouflage DPM cover. The Mk 6 helmet is a type of combat helmet that was the standard of the British Armed Forces as well as another supplied helmet of the UN during peacekeeping operations.

Whats the review of the AGV K6?

AGV K6 review: a high tech, comfortable sports-touring motorcycle helmet. Want to know everything about the AGV K6 motorcycle helmet? Weve got you covered. Check out our detailed review at Billys Crash Helmets. Guides & News Latest News Helmet Buying Guides About our recommended stores Search/Filter to find your next helmet

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