Puro 4050

puro 4050

What is this Puro 4050 in Porto?

This Puro 4050 is a breath of fresh air in the city, a space with everything to every taste, from the simplest to the boldest, from the vegetarian to the anti-gluten. It’s a bold space, agitated and tasteful, which is positioned in a cosmopolitan side that Porto also needs and deserves!

What makes puro4050 so special?

An Italian style restaurant that packs a punch! PURO4050 was recommended to us by their sister restaurant Cantina32 and it did not disappoint! It is described as a Mozzarella restaurant but it is much more than that! This restaurant is Italian and features a wonderful range of breads, charcuterie, cheese, olives, hummus as...

What to eat on a puro 4050?

Com um ambiente interpretativo de um colecionador do século XIX, o Puro 4050 destaca-se pela sua decoração alusiva ao Coleoptera (Besouro). A cozinha é tipicamente mediterrânea, onde podemos optar por Focaccia, Massas, Risottos e pratos de Carne.

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