Ramiro restaurant

ramiro restaurant

Do you have to book reservations to eat at Ramiro’s?

The place is so popular that they don’t even accept reservations! Founded in 1956 by Mr Ramiro’s father, started introducing later the shellfish and seafood, which became quickly a success amongst locals. From all type of shellfish, including tasty king tiger prawns, lobster, clams, barnacles and others, everything is delicious.

Is there a Ramiro in Lisbon?

Ramiro was featured in Anthony Bourdains show, but it has been hiding in Lisbon since the 50s. They do take reservations and some hotels have a connection, otherwise plan to wait outside for awhile.

What is the history of Cervejaria Ramiro?

Cervejaria Ramiro was founded on April 7, 1956, by the hand of Mr. Ramiros father as a small pasture house. As the years went by, Mr. Ramiro, having a fundamental role within the business, slowly introduced seafood. This concept aroused great interest, leading to the creation of a brewery/seafood bistro.

What is the best time of day to eat at Ramiro?

Ramiro is a must for any & every shellfish lover! The restaurant is truly an unique experience as its geared towards anything & everything shellfish. (Like, they legit dont have anything else.) I highly recommend going early around 5 or 6PM before the dinner rush.

How to avoid waiting in line at Ramiros?

I love seafood, and i have to say that the crab i had at Ramiros was one of the best. To avoid waiting in line, you can email the restaurant to make a reservation--i wrote about 2 weeks before, and they gave me a 7:30 pm slot, which was perfect.

What is Cervejaria Ramiro?

Cervejaria Ramiro is one of Lisbon´s best restaurants and a favourite spot for seafood lovers. Add it to your list of unmissable attractions. The first time I learned about the Cervejaria Ramiro was while watching Anthony Bourdain´s renown program “No Reservation” (Season 8, Episode 4), which was filmed in Lisbon.

Can you make a reservation at Rao’s?

Y ou can’t make a reservation: there are no reservations. You can call, but all you’ll get is a tape telling you that the reservation book for the year is “closed” … filled up. It’s closed next year too. And every year after that. There are no newcomers to Rao’s, ever.

Do all restaurants take reservations?

Not every restaurant is willing to take reservations, even if they are consistently busy. For example, some smaller or newer restaurants may not have enough clientele yet to set up a system for reservations. So its important to know a restaurants policy before you try to book a table. Decide how many people are in your party.

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