Botellon vilamoura

botellon vilamoura

What is there to do in Vilamoura?

The marina is a wonderful place to stroll and to people watch. There are any amount of restaurants at every price level to match any budget. A good variety of bars including beach bars and a good nightlife. There are all of the golf amenities surrounding Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago.

What is botellón in Spain?

] Botellón ( pronounced [boteˈʎon]; Spanish for big bottle) is a Spanish activity when people congregate in public areas to socialize while drinking alcohol. The activity is popular among teenagers and young adults partly in response to rising drink prices at bars or clubs, and partly because more people can meet in one place.

Why choose the Condor de Vilamoura?

The Condor de vilamoura is luxuriously equipped with a large air conditioning saloon and bar, a modern navigational and safety equipment. There is plenty of space for sitting on deck or in the bar. the Condor de Vilamoura is ideal for parties and private charters.

Why stay at Vilamoura Garden Hotel?

See why so many travelers make Vilamoura Garden Hotel their hotel of choice when visiting Vilamoura. Providing an ideal mix of value, comfort and convenience, it offers a family-friendly setting with an array of amenities designed for travelers like you.

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