What is just eat takeaway?

Just-Eat.dk Takeaway.com is the leading online food delivery marketplace in Continental Europe, connecting consumers and restaurants through its platform in 14 European countries, and Israel.

What is quandoo United Kingdom?

About Quandoo United Kingdom. As the fastest-growing restaurant reservation platform globally, Quandoo connects diners with the best restaurants around the world via a table reservation system that’s smart and always personalised.

What does take-away mean?

takeaway, take-away (UK)adj (food, drink: to be consumed off premises) da asporto, da portare via loc agg After the film we went to the Chinese restaurant for some take-away food. Dopo il film abbiamo preso delle cose da asporto dal ristorante cinese. Manca qualcosa di importante? Segnala un errore o suggerisci miglioramenti Traduzioni aggiuntive

What to eat at Quando Woodfire-Pizzeria?

Fresh mozzarella, creamy roasted butternut squash, Cashel blue cheese, caramelized red onions and parma ham. Let us help you with your next get-together. Book a table at your local Quando WoodFire-Pizzeria.

How does just eat takeaway work?

Just Eat Takeaway operate various food ordering and delivery platforms, where customers can order food online from restaurants’ menus, and have it delivered by restaurant or company couriers directly to their home or workplace using an app or website. [4]

Is Just Eat owned by takeaway?

Just Eat went on to become a subsidiary of Takeaway.com in February 2020 and a subsequent merger was accepted following an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority in April of that year.

Why isn’t there a takeaway in the UK?

That’s in part due to the fact that it only recently came into existence as a brand after the combination of U.K. meal delivery app Just Eat and Dutch rival Takeaway. It’s also because it doesn’t have a presence in the country.

How many customers does just eat takeaway have in 2021?

In 2020, the total number of active consumers on Just Eat Takeaway.com reached 60 million. As of 2021, the company connected 10s of millions of customers with over 500,000 restaurants and operated in 24 countries. Where is Just Eat Takeaway.com’s biggest market?

What is the meaning of the word takeaway?

1 : a conclusion to be made based on presented facts or information : a main point or key message to be learned or understood from something experienced or observed The takeaway is clear: cats are a growing environmental concern because they are driving down some native bird populations …— Bruce Barcott One of the main takeaways stressed by the ...

What is the meaning of take him away?

Take him away! The kidnappers took our daughter away and are holding her for a $2 million ransom. 4. verb To bring someone with one to some place, especially a location that is or seems to be more exciting or romantic. A noun or pronoun is used between take and away. Take me away with you, Roberto! Show me the adventure Ive always longed for!

How do you use take away in a sentence?

take away. 1. verb To remove something from its current location. A noun or pronoun can be used between take and away.. The tow truck came and took the abandoned car away. Here, let me take away these empty plates. 2. verb To rescind someones access to something, usually as a punishment.

What does take away a benefit mean?

or take-a·way. something taken back or away, especially an employee benefit that is eliminated or substantially reduced by the terms of a union contract.

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